Grace Alone!
October 11, 2020

Grace Alone!

Passage: Ephesians 2:1-9
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Grace Alone!

We're focusing the next 3 Sundays on salvation/justification.  GRACE ALONE! is the theme this week.  God's mercy, forgiveness....  we are saved because of His love, not our anything

Ephesians 2:1-9

Luther called it “The Chief Article of the Christian Faith”, the one teaching on which all _________________ stands or falls, the “keystone” of our entire faith. The BASICS. It’s the teaching of salvation. And because Satan FIGHTS to undermine it, we need to be reminded _____________.

We desperately _______ grace! Without it, we are _______ (deader than a ______ nail kind of _____). Physically okay but spiritually dead (kind of like a ___________, sort of like “The __________ Dead”). And what can a zombie do? Not _______!

God _______ grace. God saves the sinful/zombie/walking dead because He is merciful, loving and __________.

Some like the idea of grace but mess it up by _________ a bunch of junk, thus destroying it (and Christianity).

There’s wonderful _______ in this truth!

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