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several0December 5, 2021Details
healing0October 4, 2021Details
My health 0August 31, 2020Details


Miranda and her 3 girls: Madison, Madeline, Meredith for more faith in Jesus. Salvation for family and friends. God would bless my prayer partners. Wisdom on the job. 2 silent requests. Thank you.


Haven Hair
Agree Rachel have healthy mg that touches people and that I get help to prosper financially

My health

Heidi Morgan
Pastor al recently my epilepsy took a turn for the worse I had 4grand mal seizures in a ten hour period I'm having multiple at a time and having them in my sleep this time I woke up in the hospital 3days later I have to care for leon but I can barely stand up sometimes I'm trying to find the blessing in this but struggling doctors are going to do a 2hour eeg maybe get some answers I'm on 5medications now doctors won't let me return to work and we can barely pay bills let alone buy food any prayers are greatly appreciated you have always been such a blessing to me I think of you daily GOD BLESS YOU! Please say hello to the congregation for me and send our love
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