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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
healing0October 4, 2021Details
Joe Biden0August 24, 2021Details
Dustin's redemption0July 1, 2021Details
Mercy0June 10, 2021Details
Regional Director0June 3, 2021Details
Very ill need cheered up.Would love a prayershawl.0May 31, 2021Details
A Reason to Believe0March 28, 2021Details
Marriage 0February 12, 2021Details
Legal and Financial Support0November 29, 2020Details
Please pray for me0October 29, 2020Details
My health 0August 31, 2020Details
Financial 0July 12, 2020Details
Hospitalization of my Dad0April 16, 2020Details
Cronavirus and work situation0March 23, 2020Details
Coronavirus0March 13, 2020Details
Peace in the household0March 2, 2020Details


Haven Hair
Agree Rachel have healthy mg that touches people and that I get help to prosper financially

Joe Biden

Haven hair
Agree Joe Biden an obama have healing.favor and joy

Dustin's redemption

Darryl Finley
Darryl G Finley


Rob R
Please pray with me for Marcos de Souza Lima, I place the Holy Name of Jesus upon his life, I hold he before the Face of Our loving God. In the name of Jesus, amen

Regional Director

Hi! I'm in your area and would be happy to visit your business and submit a bid for your recurring weekly (or more) janitorial and disinfection needs. Would you like to compare pricing on your office cleaning service? I'd be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your facilities cleaning. Please simply respond and I will send next steps. Eric Contreras Regional Director Forte Commercial Cleaning of San Diego (619) 824-1280 4901 Morena Blvd, Suite 209B, San Diego, CA 92117 Respond with stop to optout.

Very ill need cheered up.Would love a prayershawl.

Kimberly Rankin
Hi, My name is Kimberly I was born with a birth defect Spina Bifida. I am a born again Christian, and Jesus means everything to me. I have had 17 Surgeries.I am bed fast, On oxygen 24/7 and very ill.I am in severe pain, I have an open sore on my lower back due to my birth defect, I have a sore on my left big toe due to my birth defect, I have trouble breathing, and I have an unspoken request The Lord knows all about. I need a miracle fast. I really need cheered up. I would love to have a prayershawl if you gave one if you don't a prayer bear, or anything of Jesus, or a walmart card. I am happy with anything. I also love to get cards in the mail. Please no emails my computer crashed.My address is Kimberly Rankin, 212 West Hill Street, Oak Hill, Ohio 45656. My number is 740-418-0628 Please call or text. God bless you. Kimberly

A Reason to Believe

David Roemer
One of the reasons to believe in God is that you can't have a rational conversation with people who don't. I am hoping you see the significance of my selection by Marquis Who's Who in America. What follows is a link to an interview about the arguments for God's existence and a number of reasons to believe in God: This is a link to my interview with Star Jones: This is a link to a press release summarizing the Star Jones interview: This is a link to my interview on a Catholic radio station: I was selected by this secular publisher because of my freedom of speech lawsuit against Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia U. I gave oral argument to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on January 18, 2018. The podcast is on the court's website (case no. 17-818). My website is Very truly yours, David Roemer 347-414-2285


Jonah Swyres
For our marriage we are struggling to meet eye to eye as well making a decision to either move back to my hometown once I get out of the marine or letting my wife choose and honoring her decision as well. Since my dad does not like her as much due to her being Hispanic.

Legal and Financial Support

Nicole L
If you would kindly add us to a prayer request I would deeply appreciate it. Prayer Request: Thank you God for guiding us to the right attorney that would take my medical case. We pray and ask that this attorney will have supporting experts who agree with my medical doctors and will obtain a large settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Please pray for me

?Elizabeth J
Dear Pastor I'm going through a lot of stress and it's a lot tougher for me right now with covid 19 it's like everything is hitting me hard at the same time . I'm going through cancer stage 4. So I'm quarantined because of complications with stage 4 cancer. I have knee injuries - I'm having a hard time financially it's very difficult being Disabled.. my children and other family members have been faced with unemployment as well Please keep me in your prayers thank you for your help ? God bless you Elizabeth Johnson

My health

Heidi Morgan
Pastor al recently my epilepsy took a turn for the worse I had 4grand mal seizures in a ten hour period I'm having multiple at a time and having them in my sleep this time I woke up in the hospital 3days later I have to care for leon but I can barely stand up sometimes I'm trying to find the blessing in this but struggling doctors are going to do a 2hour eeg maybe get some answers I'm on 5medications now doctors won't let me return to work and we can barely pay bills let alone buy food any prayers are greatly appreciated you have always been such a blessing to me I think of you daily GOD BLESS YOU! Please say hello to the congregation for me and send our love


Hello l am reaching out for assistance with finances to get beds to sleep in, sleeping in my chair. I just moved here. All finances are gone. If anyone can assist me, please let me know and God bless.

Hospitalization of my Dad

Darryl Finley
My Dad was admitted to Tri City and then to Palomar. They're keeping him overnight for observation. Keep him and us in our prayers

Cronavirus and work situation

Darryl Finley
That this may be over soon and that I can go back to work.


Darryl Finley
That they may have proper containment like they did with Sara and the Zola virus, communicate and pool and share resources efficiently

Peace in the household

Darryl Finley
That my Dad would have a purpose and peace for everyone. And we have positive change.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.