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Legal and Financial Support0November 29, 2020Details
Please pray for me0October 29, 2020Details
My health 0August 31, 2020Details
Financial 0July 12, 2020Details
Hospitalization of my Dad0April 16, 2020Details
Cronavirus and work situation0March 23, 2020Details
Coronavirus0March 13, 2020Details
Peace in the household0March 2, 2020Details

Legal and Financial Support

Nicole L
If you would kindly add us to a prayer request I would deeply appreciate it. Prayer Request: Thank you God for guiding us to the right attorney that would take my medical case. We pray and ask that this attorney will have supporting experts who agree with my medical doctors and will obtain a large settlement to take care of my medical needs and my family. Please watch over us all and support us financially through this transition time. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Please pray for me

?Elizabeth J
Dear Pastor I'm going through a lot of stress and it's a lot tougher for me right now with covid 19 it's like everything is hitting me hard at the same time . I'm going through cancer stage 4. So I'm quarantined because of complications with stage 4 cancer. I have knee injuries - I'm having a hard time financially it's very difficult being Disabled.. my children and other family members have been faced with unemployment as well Please keep me in your prayers thank you for your help ? God bless you Elizabeth Johnson

My health

Heidi Morgan
Pastor al recently my epilepsy took a turn for the worse I had 4grand mal seizures in a ten hour period I'm having multiple at a time and having them in my sleep this time I woke up in the hospital 3days later I have to care for leon but I can barely stand up sometimes I'm trying to find the blessing in this but struggling doctors are going to do a 2hour eeg maybe get some answers I'm on 5medications now doctors won't let me return to work and we can barely pay bills let alone buy food any prayers are greatly appreciated you have always been such a blessing to me I think of you daily GOD BLESS YOU! Please say hello to the congregation for me and send our love


Hello l am reaching out for assistance with finances to get beds to sleep in, sleeping in my chair. I just moved here. All finances are gone. If anyone can assist me, please let me know and God bless.

Hospitalization of my Dad

Darryl Finley
My Dad was admitted to Tri City and then to Palomar. They're keeping him overnight for observation. Keep him and us in our prayers

Cronavirus and work situation

Darryl Finley
That this may be over soon and that I can go back to work.


Darryl Finley
That they may have proper containment like they did with Sara and the Zola virus, communicate and pool and share resources efficiently

Peace in the household

Darryl Finley
That my Dad would have a purpose and peace for everyone. And we have positive change.
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