Fair vs. Mercy
September 20, 2020

Fair vs. Mercy

Passage: Matthew 20:1-16
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There are really only two religions in the world: The religion of ___________ and the religion of ___________. Most people (even some Christians!) hold to the religion of _______.

When the men who worked the longest learned that the ones who hardly worked at all were paid the ________, they were not too _______. But Jesus gives His (common) “Gospel Twist” turning the story into one embracing the religion of ________.

Some don’t understand the assignment. God requires NOT that we try harder than the bozo next door, NOT that we really want something, NOT that we be sincere but that we be _____________.

So, if God operated under the principle of fairness, we’ll all be in a LOT of _________. But we rejoice in the Gospel, God treats us according to the principle of ___________. Not as our merits suggest but as His _______ suggests. We rejoice that God is NOT ________ but rather _______________.


1. Jesus’ parables often suggest that we place ourselves in the story… If Jesus were a casting director and His parable a play, where would He cast YOU? Why?

2. There’s often a surprising twist in Jesus’ parables… a twist that is often His point! Where is the twist in this parable? How is it His point?

3. Hoping God is FAIR is based on the idea that who is great? Hoping that God is merciful is based on the idea that who is great?

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