What Matters?
January 17, 2021

What Matters?

Passage: From Luke Chapter 10
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"Pastor's Ten Best Sermons Ever"   Pastor is doing a sermon series that will take us to Easter and his retirement, after more than 41 years at Shepherd of the Valley.   During his 44 years of ministry, he has preached nearly 2,500 sermons!   Now...some were "recycled" (never the same, always edited and modified; sometimes only the illustrations remained) but it's still over 1,000 entirely different sermons.  He feels they got a LOT better as time went on.   Now, he had no time to review all 2,500.... so he just focused on the last few years and came up with TEN.  The TEN best ones....  evaluated both on the message and equally on the craft.  And as his "farewell" he's going to share those with you, as a countdown.  He will present #10 this coming Sunday, and his all-time #1 best sermon ever will be Palm Sunday!