BCDI Community Garden

BCDI Gardens at North River Road

Grow Food
Community Roots Farm is a neighborhood farm that is community-run. We grow fresh, nourishing, sustainably-grown food with the community, for the community.

Botany for everyone
Plants make up the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the medicine that heals us, and so much more. Botany is for everyone. Through classes, internships, events, and experiences come learn more about the plants all around us. We teach botanical knowledge that enriches lives, improves our communities, and offers applicable job skills.

Collaborate in Community
Through and with our relationship with plants we find common ground and can improve our lives while strengthening our communities.

Phone: (760) 421-8389
Website: www.plantspeoplecommunity.org
Address: 4510 North River Road

Oceanside, CA 92057